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You’re being tracked! Remember?

Today, we’ll continue sharing about how companies track and store your online behavior. And they often do store that data right on your hard drive!

Let’s talk about cookies. When you surf the internet and access different websites, many collect data about your visit and store…

Ritabell, our Raze Ambassador, has written the following blog post. We’ll share more about our rockstar ambassadors soon. For now — enjoy the guest post!

The digital ledger is on track towards mass adoption thanks to its many attributes. Immutability, decentralization, and transparency are some of these attributes. …

Dear Razers,

Since the beginning, our focus has always been on making Raze cross-chain and accessible for the broader blockchain ecosystem.

Making Raze accessible and tradable across multiple chains, protocols, and dApps has been our goal. So far, we’ve been successfully expanding Raze on tradable markets, including decentralized exchanges.


You’re being watched! Remember that sign?

We spend part of our lives within the online world, and few of us question our daily online habits and their consequences. Truth be told, you’re being watched. And rewatched, and even cross-watched.

You’re being tracked all-around major websites, following and analyzing your activity…

Hi Razers,

Another month, another list of updates!

As a tradition, we’ll review what happened in the space over September — from the macro crypto market to Raze Network.

Market Overview

Let’s take a look at crypto market performance over the last month.

At the beginning of September, BTC and…

Dear Razers,

Here is the announcement that many of our community members have been waiting for!

In late June, we announced our highly anticipated Raze Ambassador Program. We’d love to take a moment to share our deepest gratitude with our community and all of our supporters. …

Dear Razers,

Today, we’re excited to share Raze Network’s growth plan and future vision.

Over the past months, we’ve been actively collaborating with the community, adjusting our growth-hacking and community engagement strategies. We’re fortunate beyond measure to have such a strong, caring, and loyal community of privacy advocates and freedom…

Hi Razers,

We are super excited to announce our partnership with Rocket Vault to drive further privacy adoption within the ecosystem.

Rocket Vault has built the infrastructure to remove borders between different chains and simplify cross-chain swaps while allowing users to own their crypto funds with a non-custodial exchange. …

Dear Razers,

We’re stoked to announce our strategic partnership with Skyrim Finance to further lead the privacy adoption of the DeFi ecosystem!

Skyrim Finance enables investors to benefit from risk-adjusted returns by utilizing fixed-rate and leveraged-yield Defi products. …

Dear Razers,

Over the past four-five weeks we’ve experienced tremendous community interest in our Testnet Bug Bounty Program! We’re grateful for all the attention, support, and submissions we’ve received!

Our core mission at Raze Network has always been providing our community with the best privacy-preserving technology layer, helping you stay…

Raze Network

Raze is a trustless zero-knowledge proof system designed specifically for decentralized finance.

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