Announcing Partnership With Apron Network

We are thrilled to announce Raze Network partners with Apron Network, a project committed to building a decentralized infrastructure service network for DApp developers, DApp users, and infrastructure operators based on a decentralized network of blockchain technology.

Apron Network aims to provide the Kusama and Polkadot ecosystem with multiple services, including but not limited to node service, on-chain data indexing service, price feed service, etc.

Through this partnership, Apron certainly can provide Raze Network a full set of RPC services as they have provided some projects in the Polkadot ecosystem and Apron’s service is designed so that developers can use all the API services that they need to boost their development and free developers from the need to worry about the underlying infrastructure, allowing them to focus on their applications.

And since Apron Network revolves around data indexing service and price feed service, its demand for additional data protection and data masking is built in.

For Apron Network, Raze team can utilize the Efficient Σ-Bullets algorithm, which is a self-developed algorithm based on the Σ-Bullets encryption proof mechanism of the open-source project Zether, and take advantage of the ElGamal encryption algorithm to encrypt data coming in and out of the network.

“We are very excited to reach a strategic partnership with Apron Network. We hope this collaboration is another successful test of our cross-chain privacy-preserving payment and trading systems.”

— Justin Kellison, Project Lead of Raze Network

About Apron Network

Apron is a decentralized platform for DApp developers, DApp users, and infrastructure operators with a decentralized network based on blockchain technology infrastructure services. It is developed by Substrate and can be operated as a parachain of Polkadot/Kusama. Apron will also connect to multiple public chains such as Ethereum, BSC, Filecoin, and Helium, including Layer 2. Provides developers with low-cost multiple blockchain ecological infrastructure services.

Contact Apron Network

Website | Telegram | Twitter | Discord | Github

About Raze Network

Raze Network is a Substrate-based cross-chain privacy protocol for the Polkadot ecosystem. It is built as a native privacy layer that can provide end-to-end anonymity for the entire DeFi stack. The Raze Network applies zkSNARKs to the Zether framework to build a second-layer decentralized anonymous module. It will then be imported as a substrate-based smart contract. The objective of Raze Network is to enable cross-chain privacy-preserving payment and trading systems while protecting the transparency of your assets and behaviors from surveillance.

Contact Raze Network

Telegram | Medium | Official Website | Email | Twitter



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