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Announcing RAZE Pre-mainnet Staking Event

Staking is considered a new way to earn in the crypto space.

Thanks to the growing popularity of staking, there are tons of options for users who want to earn passive income with their valuable crypto assets.

Our strategic partner MANTRADAO is one of the platforms that can help you do that.

On March 30th, Raze Network partnered with MANTRADAO. It is a community-governed DeFi platform focusing on Staking, Lending, and Governance. With this partnership, we launch a Staking Program that is rewarding to the RAZE holders, intuitive, and hassle-free.

In keeping with our commitment to Raze community and its needs, and in the context of our native staking ability for $RAZE being some time off (until mainnet), we felt it was only appropriate to offer pre-mainnet staking for our RAZE holders.

Therefore, we are happy to announce the $RAZE pre-mainnet staking event with MANTRADAO.

To kick things off, MANTRADAO will be working with us to give staking rewards for a target of 30%+ APR for the first month. This $RAZE staking implementation is only the first step of the exciting plans our projects have and it is also part of Raze’s DAO governance.

The $RAZE staking pool will be live and begin accruing rewards on April 23rd, roughly at 10 AM UTC, and begins accruing rewards 24 hours after the pool is launched.

Specifics on RAZE Staking Event

  • Location: https://app.mantradao.com/staking
  • Reward Details: Roughly 1.8 $RAZE per block for the first month and then increase staking rewards to a target of 30-60% APR.
  • Unstaking Details: Rewards will be distributed after claiming and the unstaking process takes an 8-day unlocking period or 2% fee for immediate unstaking.

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