RAZE Available on Polygon in Collaboration with UniFarm — #UniFarmCohort13

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3 min readJun 25, 2021


Note: Due to a Medium error, this post was scheduled to go live on Monday, June 21st. At the time of posting, the RAZE staking pool is only ~15% full — don’t miss this opportunity to participate!

We are very excited to announce that Raze Network is one of the projects participating in UniFarm’s Cohort 13, the first time $RAZE will be available on the Polygon (Matic) Network.

UniFarm is one of Ethereum’s leading scaling solutions that aims to prepare DeFi for mass adoption. DeFi users are well aware that UniFarm pools on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain have received immense love and attention. Now, $RAZE holders are not only able to farm high APY on the Ethereum blockchain, but on Polygon as well.

Besides an official strategic relationship with both UniFarm and Polygon, we are strong believers in the reduced gas fees incurred in the Polygon ecosystem. Polygon is also one of the most requested farming methods by our Raze community. With the growing number of active users in the Polygon ecosystem, we feel extremely honored and excited to participate in #UniFarmCohort13.


UniFarm Cohort 13 is live now on Polygon (Matic) and will be live for 90 days.

APY Stats:

  • Users will earn a minimum APY of 36% and a maximum APY of 250%
  • The total reward pool size is $150k USD or $25k per project and a total of $250k worth of tokens can be staked per project


👉 https://unifarm.co/

How to stake in Polygon farm


Go to https://unifarm.co/ and select Pools on Polygon from the launch app option.


Click on “Connect Wallet” and select the wallet you prefer


Once your wallet is successfully connected with UniFarm, you can see your Wallet Address on the top right corner.


Here you will get detailed information about the pool for your selected token.


Once you click on STAKE NOW, it will show you the rewards you will get after 90 DAYS of staking your selected token. And Click on APPROVE.


Your wallet will prompt you to approve the tokens.


Once you approve the interaction, you need to tap on stake.


Your wallet will prompt you again to show the number of tokens you’re staking on UniFarm Cohort 13 and the Gas Fee required for the transaction. Gas fees on the Polygon network are significantly lower than the native ETH chain. Kindly click on CONFIRM.


Congratulations! You have successfully staked tokens over UniFarm cohort 13 (Polygon)

For the more detailed and illustrated instruction, please see this blog post from our friends at OroPocket: 👇👇👇


How to move $RAZE from Ethereum to Polygon (Matic) Network

  • Visit https://wallet.matic.network/ and connect your favorite wallet.
  • After connecting your wallet with Polygon (Matic) wallet, you will get an overview of your dashboard
  • Tap on “Move funds from Ethereum to Polygon”
  • Select the token from the drop down list and enter the number of tokens you want to transfer to Polygon mainnet and then tap on transfer.
  • Notification window will pop up with an announcement. Tap on continue.
  • Review the transaction details and confirm the same.
  • Confirm the transfer from Ethereum network to Polygon network
  • Approval of your request will take a couple of minutes depending on the network.

For the more detailed and illustrated instruction, please see this blog post from our friends at OroPocket:👇👇👇https://blog.oropocket.com/unifarm/bridging-ufarm-tokens-from-ethereum-chain-to-polygon-matic-network/

About Raze Network

Raze Network is a substrate-based, cross-chain privacy protocol built for the growing DeFi and Web 3.0 ecosystem. Applying zkSNARKS to the Zether framework, Raze is an EVM-compatible layer-2 middleware that will enable end-to-end anonymity for decentralized applications running on Ethereum, Polkadot, and Binance Smart Chain.

Our mission is to enable cross-chain, privacy-preserving transactions and activity for end users, shielding asset movements from surveillance while guaranteeing composability and faster settlement.

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Raze Network

Raze is a trustless zero-knowledge proof system designed specifically for decentralized finance.