$RAZE Available on THORswap & Liquidity Instructions

Hey Razers,

As you may know, $RAZE was successfully listed on THORSwap through their #RAISETHECAPS movement — a community initiative launched by THORChain to slowly increase the liquidity cap on their Multichain Chaosnet.

For more details on this movement, please refer to our previous article below:

With our successful listing on THORSwap, we thought that we should bring to your attention to a few things that may be of interest to the Raze community:

We believe that becoming a liquidity provider in the RAZE:RUNE pool is one of the best opportunities for our community to extract the maximum value out of their holdings — currently the APY offered is sitting at ~40%!

Be sure to be on the lookout for their next liquidity cap raise as raise on Friday, July 2nd was the biggest yet and was filled within a matter of hours. Follow @THORchain on twitter for announcement updates.

If our community of supporters are interested in adding liquidity to the RAZE:RUNE pool to earn rewards, please follow the instructions below:

Please note that Liquidity Providers “stake” their assets into pools to collect fees from the trades made by other users in the network.

As well, please be aware that THORChain is not a magic money tree. A liquidity pool is essentially an auto-balancing portfolio, meaning if you are providing single-sided liquidity (i.e. only $RAZE), the protocol will market buy 50% of your $RAZE for $RUNE (the settlement asset of the THORchain protocol). While this opens the door for impermanent loss (IL), the talented core developers at THORchain have implemented IL protection for those LPing for over 100 days — meaning you have nothing to lose if you are committed to LPing for at least a calendar quarter.

If you are new to THORSwap we advise you to get familiar with the platform and understand how their application works before staking any coins.

For more information about THORSwap, please take a look at the links below.

How to use THORSwap:

How to provide liquidity on THORSwap:

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