$RAZE Mainnet Airdrop

A Recap of The Current Mainnet Features

  1. Private Store of ERC-20 and BEP-20 Assets
  • People peering into your wallet stops with Raze! With your Raze account, only you can see what assets are in your wallet
  • Your specific Raze account is not visible on-chain, so when you deposit funds into your Raze account, the only transfer visible on-chain is the one into the main Raze smart contract
  • Hide the origins of you wealth and prevent surveilling eyes from tracking your wallets by redeeming your funds to a brand new wallet
  • Send assets to any Raze address completely anonymous

Contest Requirements

  1. Create a Raze Mainnet account on our BSC Deployment
  2. Mint BNB to your Raze account
  • Note: You can mint any amount of BNB
  • The BEP-20 Wallet address that was used to make the Raze Account
  • Your RAZE Account Public Address — Check out the docs on how to find your Raze Public Address
  • A picture of the Minted BNB in your Raze account, that includes your wallet address in the top right corner of the photo. Example below.

Contest Rewards

  • The first 500 participants will receive 400 $RAZE Tokens
  • Total rewards to be claimed is 200,000 $RAZE

Contest Rules

  • Only one submission per person
  • No duplicate BEP-20 addresses can be submitted
  • No duplicate Raze Public addresses can be submitted
  • All required information on the google form must be completed
  • BNB must be Minted into your Raze account
  • $RAZE tokens will be airdropped when all 500 slots are filled

About Raze Network

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