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3 min readFeb 14, 2022


As mentioned earlier, we believe the market is showing strong signs of reversal, and timing-wise it is probably a good time to onboard new staff as soon as possible to help us RazeTheStakes.

More talents are needed indeed.

To continue this journey, we need a water-like philosophy to make timely changes so we can survive the ever-changing market dynamics. We hope our future candidates share the same values too.

For Raze Network, privacy is never only about technology. It is about awareness and ideas as well. Technological progress has given birth to a better life but also created tension and incompatibility between the right to privacy and the extensive data collection on which the digital economy is based. This development requires new thinking about this fundamental right. We need new people and new ideas.

Now, we are looking for someone who has a deep understanding of the crypto community and ecosystem, that will help & spread our mission of bringing financial security to crypto.

We are looking for a MARKETING MANAGER who shares the same privacy values that we do. The preferred candidate must have 3+ years of experience and is creative in the field of advertising, marketing, storytelling, communication, and familiarity with crypto communities/marketing/DeFi and Web 3.0.

More details are below 👇


  • Strategize and execute communications campaigns that tell the Raze Network story to a wide range of audiences
  • Identify, build, and execute content and marketing strategy across multiple communication channels
  • Collaborate with DeFi & Web 3.0 blockchain partners and contributors in the space to produce content and execute co-marketing opportunities
  • Oversee website design and messaging around the Raze Network product
  • Manage and scale the Raze Network brand on social media channels like Twitter, Medium, Youtube, Discord, and Telegram
  • Contribute to internal and external discussions to understand Raze Network’s community needs, driving actionable decision making
  • Work with Raze Network community and its leaders to organize awareness and educational campaigns
  • Organize meetups (post-Covid travel restrictions), blockchain conferences, webinars, and other community-focused events
  • Be metric-driven: streamline, actively monitor and regularly keep tabs on progress across several defined KPI’s like product users, community engagement, campaign results, and more


  • 3+ years leading growth or product marketing teams
  • Bachelor’s degree in business, marketing/communications or equivalent
  • Deep understanding of the crypto community and ecosystem. Knowledge of DeFi/Web 3.0 space is a huge plus!
  • Experience working with external agencies and communities
  • Goal-driven and self-organized, with a keen focus on reporting and achieving defined KPI’s
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills

If you are interested in this offer, or know someone who is a good fit, please send us the CV & cover letter to contact@raze.network. After several rounds of screening, qualified candidates will hear from us within 7–14 business days.

About Raze Network

Raze Network is a substrate-based, cross-chain privacy protocol built for the growing DeFi and Web 3.0 ecosystem. Applying zkSNARKS to the Zether framework, Raze is an EVM-compatible layer-2 middleware that will enable end-to-end anonymity for decentralized applications running on the Ethereum, Polkadot, and Binance Smart Chain networks. More chain integrations are planned in the near future.

Our mission is to enable cross-chain, privacy-preserving transactions and activity for end users, shielding asset movements from surveillance while guaranteeing composability and faster settlement.

We’re backed by many well-respected investors, including AU21 Capital, Master Ventures, SigNum Capital, and CMS Holdings, and are advised by several reputable and known figures in the space, including Dylan Dewdney, CEO of Kylin Network. Raze has also been quietly building an ecosystem of 30+ (and growing) strategic partners, all of whom share the vision of empowering privacy for DeFi and Web 3.0 users.

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Raze Network

Raze is a trustless zero-knowledge proof system designed specifically for decentralized finance.