Raze Network Monthly Review — March 2021

To all Razers,

Young and ambitious, Raze Network is taking significant steps in the quest to provide trust-less privacy for DeFi in the future Web 3.0 world.

The month of March was equally challenging and rewarding for us. From completing our seed round funding to getting featured by Bitcoinist, Token Economy Whitepaper release, AMAs, partnerships, and more — we did it all!

We are thrilled to share some insights on what transpired in the month:

Partnership Developments

Kylin Network: Raze’s partnership with Kylin Network can help Raze team connect with crypto veterans in different fields, expose our privacy-preserving protocol to a robust network, allow us chances to learn the pain points and hone in on the integration process, and finally to build a long-lasting privacy shield for this space.

Read more about this partnership here.

Omni: Omni is positioned as a mega app user can use to virtually do anything online and gets rewarded by Omni Coin, a native, in-app incentive unit, while Raze Network, as a cross-chain privacy middleware, can help build a stronger second-layer decentralized anonymous module to better protect Omni’s transactions, be it information, pictures, voice messages, monetary transactions, or other user-related information.

Omni mega app users can use Share disappearing messages with other users via the Omni Secret Chat feature. However, having an additional privacy layer to protect your assets and behaviors from malicious acts is clearly a bonus on top of their already beautiful technology.

Read more about this partnership here.

Bella Protocol: Bella App now consists of services such as Flex Savings (https://fscn.bella.fi/), Liquidity Mining, Locker and Governance, which just coincides with what is written in our roadmap too, in which Raze users will be rewarded with RAZE tokens when providing liquidity into pools, additionally, they can create and vote for proposals to change Raze Network in a way community see fit. Again, we will be able to utilize their experience and further expand and customize the incentive design to fit Raze’s ecosystem.

Read more about this partnership here.

Phantasma Chain: Our partnership was reached quickly because of the overlapping services and partner network, making this friendship obvious. Both teams ultimately aim to break the current blockchain hurdles and intend to create a versatile environment for crypto users where they would feel at ease using the native services built on top of this technology.

In this partnership, Raze Network will utilize its second-layer decentralized anonymous module to provide an additional protection layer for the tokens in the Phantasma ecosystem.

Read more about this partnership here.

Xend Finance: This strategic partnership enables Raze to not only implement privacy-preserving functionality for Xend Finance users but also allows us to explore different and innovative ways to expand anonymous payment and safe investing methods with our partner.

We believe it will represent a path for both projects to solidify their positions in the DeFi ecosystem and blockchain at-large through exploring innovative and synergetic business models.

This partnership will also include some further exciting initiatives that include exploration of generating high-interest savings rates, access to loans with flexible repayment and terms, membership management, and assets and investments protection.

Read more about this partnership here.

Mantra DAO: Mantra DAO is a community-governed DeFi platform built on Polkadot Substrate, focusing on Staking, Lending, and Governance. By integrating Raze’s layer 2 solution, Mantra DAO users will be enabled to utilize full privacy functionalities for transactions on the Mantra DAO platform.

Raze Network will benefit hugely from Mantra DAO’s expertise regarding building a lively DAO with participants across cultures.

Read more about this partnership here.

KardiaChain: Raze’s partnership with KardiaChain helps us spread our philosophy to a wider crowd and especially to the people in need of financial sovereignty. We are therefore very proud to announce our partnership with KardiaChain, a Blockchain made to be easily accessible to the masses.

Almost 130k KAI holders (and counting) will get access to trustless obfuscated transactions via Raze.

Read more about this partnership here.

Raze Network Featured

Featured by Bitcoinist: Raze Network was featured by Bitcoinist on announcing the launch of a cross-chain private payment protocol to provide DeFi users with reliable services for protecting their data and transactions.

Read the full article here.

Investor Spotlight

CMS Holdings: CMS Holdings has taken a very active investment approach within the Polkadot/Substrate ecosystem. This is a great news for Raze Network as a privacy-layer project that is deeply rooted in that space in the DeFi world.

Read more about this here.

Creative Contests and Campaigns

Sticker and Meme Making Competition: Raze held a fun Sticker and Meme Making Competition for the community to help them bring out their creative sides through gifs, videos, stickers, and more. We believe it will enable us to create awareness and perception, and also help us reach bigger crowds.

Read more about this contest here.

Learn and Earn Series 2: Raze held another Learn and Earn Series Campaign to spread awareness and connect with the community this month.

Read more about this campaign here.


Raze Network: Why DeFi Cannot Be Wrong — Raze released an insightful article on Why DeFi Cannot Be Wrong where it points put that despite representing just a small percentage of the total crypto market, DeFi’s rapid growth suggests the sector is primed for explosive growth as cryptocurrency becomes more mainstream and it would be wrong if we do not participate in the building of the future DeFi world.

Read the full article here.

Whitepaper Release — Raze Token Economy Whitepaper was released this month after a long time of grinding and diligent efforts. We have detailed every aspect of Raze Network in it.

Read more about this release here.

RAZE Private Sale- After publicly announcing the finish line of our RAZE private sale, Raze is happy to share the details of the successful round.

This fundraising round helps us quickly expand our crypto network and secure more powerful partners who, we believe, are more than competent and happy to establish reciprocal partnerships with Raze Network.

Read more about this here.

AMA Series

Here is the list of 6 insightful AMA series that Raze was a part of this month:

  • PolkaWarriors
  • Satoshi Club
  • Omni
  • D’va News
  • AMA room

And that is how we signed off March.

Stay tuned for more exciting events we have in store for you. Follow us on our social channels to get the latest updates today!

About Raze Network

Raze Network is a Substrate-based cross-chain privacy protocol for the Polkadot ecosystem. It is built as a native privacy layer that can provide end-to-end anonymity for the entire DeFi stack. The Raze Network applies zkSNARKs to the Zether framework to build a second-layer decentralized anonymous module. It will then be imported as a substrate-based smart contract. The objective of Raze Network is to enable cross-chain privacy-preserving payment and trading systems while protecting the transparency of your assets and behaviors from surveillance.

Contact Raze Network

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Raze is a trustless zero-knowledge proof system designed specifically for decentralized finance.

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Raze Network

Raze Network

Raze is a trustless zero-knowledge proof system designed specifically for decentralized finance.

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