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Raze Network — Official Token Economy Whitepaper

Dear Razers,

We are very excited to share this great news with you.

After months’ grinding and diligent efforts, we have finalized our Token Economy Whitepaper, in which we detailed every aspect of Raze Network.

Raze Network is positioned as a privacy protocol that aims to protect the user identity and confidentiality for the entire DeFi stack of the Polkadot ecosystem. Therefore, technology is the core of everything we do. In this whitepaper, you may find it challenging to grasp some of the concepts written but we do believe we have chosen and applied meaningful iterations to the methodologies that survive the real tests.

Per tradition, we broke down this whitepaper into the following sectors:

  • Abstract, where anyone can have an overview of what Raze Network wants to achieve. It outlines our mission in a concise way.
  • Efficient Σ-Bullets algorithm, which is a self-developed algorithm based on the Σ-Bullets encryption proof mechanism of the open-source project Zether. In this sector, we detailed what this method is about, how we utilize the Shrubs Merkle Tree algorithm to optimize the proof size and take advantage of the ElGamal encryption algorithm to encrypt user account balances and transactions. It further expounds on Σ-Bullets Proof, Raze Account, and our Private Payment Channel
  • The underlying logic of Raze Network is to mint private tokens from base tokens on the contract at a minting value ratio of 1:1. It will have three technical abilities: Mint, Transfer and Redeem. Each module is explained thoroughly in these passages.
  • When it comes to cross-chain technology, Raze adopts Multiparty Threshold Signature Scheme to ensure the key security of this network.
  • The Raze Network protocol is developed based on the Substrate blockchain development tool and so it belongs to the Polkadot ecosystem. Therefore, Raze adopts the NPoS (Nominated Proof of Stake) consensus mechanism. The inflation rate, block reward, and punitive sanction are all included in this segment.
  • Finally, RAZE token, in which you will find the distribution metrics, vesting schedule, its underlying values, and application scenarios.

For the complete whitepaper, please go to Raze Network website.

We want to give out special thanks to the authors, scholars, precursors, and brilliant minds that are stated in the reference of this white-paper. Without their groundwork, our journey would have been very difficult. ❤️

Finally, we have been overwhelmed by the inquiries from different channels and we appreciate your patience and support. For those who haven’t subscribed for updates, please do so via the following ways. And please stay vigilant of fake announcements and stay tuned for more details.

About Raze Network

Raze Network is a Substrate-based cross-chain privacy protocol for the Polkadot ecosystem. It is built as a native privacy layer that can provide end-to-end anonymity for the entire DeFi stack. The Raze Network applies zkSNARKs to the Zether framework to build a second-layer decentralized anonymous module. It will then be imported as a substrate-based smart contract. The objective of Raze Network is to enable cross-chain privacy-preserving payment and trading systems while protecting the transparency of your assets and behaviors from surveillance.

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Raze is a trustless zero-knowledge proof system designed specifically for decentralized finance.