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Raze Network Public Testnet Launch & Quick Tutorial


The day is finally here: the Raze Network Testnet public launch!

In the cryptocurrency space, a Testnet is an experimental network where developers and the community (in our case) can test, create, or modify functionalities while monitoring the blockchain network performance, before the follow-up release of a Mainnet, with real economic stakes.

This sandbox environment will enable our Raze Network devs to test the application and monitor how the Raze community uses and reacts to it.

With that being said, please bear in mind that our Testnet is still in beta and although we are not using real funds to test the decentralized application, use at your own risk. Be advised that this process will work in conjunction with the auditing process to identify any potential security risks and functionality issues.

We truly appreciate the patience that the community has shown us while our dev team has been diligently working to get this out to you.

Without further ado, please access Raze Network’s Testnet with the following link 👇

🔗 testnet.raze.network 🔗

Raze Network Public Testnet Tutorial

For more detailed instructions, please visit our 👉 Project Wiki Tutorial.

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Our mission is to enable cross-chain, privacy-preserving transactions and activity for end users, shielding asset movements from surveillance while guaranteeing composability and faster settlement.

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Raze is a trustless zero-knowledge proof system designed specifically for decentralized finance.